Why baby photos are important? Do you expect a standard answer? Do they create family memories or priceless memories for generations? I agree with these responses, but based on my memories there is something else that is critical as well.

I guess the answer will depend on who you are asking? Parents would like to capture every single moment when the baby is growing, changing the smile, behavior, posture, etc. They are not even raising the question.

Why baby photos are Important?

Parents are very proud of their kids, and they would like to share these memories with their friends, families everywhere in the world, using personal e-mails, social media. etc
The best photos will be hanging on the living room walls or printed on a family album.

I love my baby photography when I am looking at my photos the time machine is bringing me back to my childhood. The photos are reminding the age, friends, environment, my grandma kissing and hugging me all the time, the presents from the parents, the birthday parties, etc.

I can compare the photos with a time machine mirror. I am looking at the static picture, but in my mind, I am recovering a real video relevant to the day and time where the picture has been taken. I guess I am getting close to the concussion about the historical aspects of the baby photos. Yes, we do create history by taking baby pictures.
I never thought about this aspect before, as I hated history class in school due to my teacher lack of teaching skills. My referenced subjects were sciences and photography. I loved to take photos of my friends, flowers, trees, the street in the winter and summer times. My film camera captured everything that was surrounding me.

Today I enjoy every single photo, and these pictures are bringing me back to the time where I was young.
I do hope I have answered the question why baby photos are important, and I hope you agree with me.

We at GSR Studio Inc. love to produce baby pictures as we love your smiles, the energy that fills out our studio by your happy faces and your child, parents, and proud grandparents. Please give us a call and we will be proud to create those historical memories for you and your family.