Wedding photography Toronto success of the business

Wedding photographers business is different in Toronto.

Wedding photography business  is a unique and growing business  in the world and Toronto is not an exception. So what is special about wedding photography industry? There is no simple answer to the question. It is no secret that today everyone is a photographer, and every third one have a semi-professional DSLR camera. Ranging from Canon, Nikon and many more North American makers.

There are thousands of wedding photographers in the Toronto area and of course everyone have his segment of the market. The goal of the article is to identify the criteria that are relevant to have a successful wedding photography business. Trying to keep it simple: the primary criteria for success (I would say the cornerstone/the base) in this business it’s the customer and more accurately: the satisfied customer.

The word of mouth is the most efficient marketing route, and this route works without the doubt. So how to get on this rout and what are the mandatory components of earning the complete satisfaction of the customer. It is no question that the primary factors are the talent, unique eye, ability to see the beauty and understand and use light correctly.

The secondary factors are relevant to the knowledge and the quality of the equipment. Can you get an excellent story telling pictures if you are the owner of all above-mentioned components? Fortunately the answer is No. It is a long way from standard view to an excellent picture that you would like to see more and more and by looking at the picture your can see reflections of the character, beauty, moment, mood, etc.

So today’s wedding photography is not just about capturing the standard pictures. It’s about thinking outside the box. Every couple would like to get the unique, excellent looking priceless memories for the next generations captured in gorgeous moments. So how we can get to the level when almost every picture is unique, with high character. The answer is the experience.

The experience makes a huge difference. This experience gathered during the years definitely helps to get more wow pictures. We have started the wedding photography business about 10 years ago. Looking back to the pictures that have been taken today and on the way where we are today, we can say today that we understand the philosophy of the wedding photography. Yes, we are not talking about the cameras, light, etc. we are talking about the theory.

To get this level, we have covered a lot of miles where the practical experience combined with the continuous education program and top of the line equipment. This blog it just the beginning of sharing our philosophy, hands-on experience relevant to wedding photography in Toronto. We will be covering technical, sales, marketing aspects of this business and we will share some behind of the scenes videos.