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Wedding Photography

We are in love Wedding Photography as this type of photography is giving endless opportunities for imagination.

We love to meet new couples and learn about their unique love story! We love to create; we love to see and to enjoy the emotional moments. We love to see the grandma or grandpa are crying from the bottom of their heart. We love to hear their stories about the childhood and school, first friends, first love, first dance...

It helps us to create the image of your personality and to capture the “ Wow “ moment where your tears are filling, and you can’t stop from smiling by watching how your future husband is telling the story how you met. It all starts with the emotional bridge, personal chemistry. It is not about your knowledge of the camera, understanding the theory of the light, backup camera, and assistant.

It is fascinating that today everything is different in compare to our first wedding that we covered a decade ago. Our focus was on the camera settings, lenses, cameras, flash, etc.. It was nothing wrong at this time, but we haven’t thought about the importance of the moment. It was a natural evaluation process when we had printed the pictures loved by our customers. It was a lot of photos with not perfect exposure, but the customers loved the pictures as they loved the moment.

As a family operated business, we have created the style… and some clients are asking what your photography style. It is no answer as it all depends on the couple and day routine.

We like to combine posed photos with the family that could be taken in a lot of parks surrounding Toronto, before or after the ceremony. It looks like a workflow process: Elina is helping the couple to look sharp and to create the nice looking pose, and two photographers are waiting for a “wow” look.

This look could be created by asking some questions or telling a joke etc. Moms love these pictures where they can see an entire family, mom kissing the daughter or dad is shaking the hand of the son.
We like a “ Ninja” style of the photography. It is not a joke! The best photos taken during the wedding are not posed photos. They have been created on the fly, where not one was aware of the presence of the photographer, or the couple was just talking to each other.
The “ Ninja” style of the photography is giving to the photographer the opportunities to explore: the place, the light, the light direction, the scene, etc.

A wedding photography day looks like a marathon: early morning we are art creators in the Bride and Groom’s house, in the afternoon we are enjoying the beautiful parks of Toronto, having a fun with the couple and their friends and relatives, capturing the historical moments during the ceremony, and finally having a blast during the wedding party.

We like to ask the couple by the end of the marriage day: do you want us to make some unique pictures and usually the couples are laughing: you don’t have enough pictures captured during the day.

It's definitely that we do have created about 2000-3000 captured by two photographers from the different angles. These photos will be edited by Elina in a couple of days and will be ready for delivery on luxury USB. The couples are welcome to book with us the studio on location service, where we do print on the spot unlimited amount of print that usually is a great present for the guests. We do provide the Italian quality albums, which are available with different options.

What is important for us?

We are not just wedding photographers! We would like to develop lifetime relationships with our customers! Most of our clients are hiring us after the wedding for maternity, newborn or just a family photography shoot in our studio or on location. We are offering to our customers an exclusive discounted prices for all these services.

What customer's are saying about our service? Please take a look on our Wedding Wire and Google reviews page.

Thank you for visiting wedding photography page and please call: 905-417-22-11 to make an appointment with our family!

Please don’t forget that by hiring GSR Studio Inc you are automatically supporting Beat Cancer Worldwide, as 24% of our income will be donated to this, not for profit organization.

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