Wedding Photographer Toronto

Everyone who has a camera today is the photographer.

My grandson was holding a toy camera, and he called himself as a photographer. This is true!  Everyone who has an ability to capture the moment with any electronic device could be considered as a person that captures the moment (photographer). The question is where is the border between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer.

It is all about the memories. It is all about how we value our minds, and how these memories are important for us. We never received a phone call from a very satisfied customer with a question relevant to discount or concern regarding the price of the album. The client loved the photos taken by they and us were just waiting for the moment when the picture will be framed, or an Italian quality wedding album will be shared with friends. It is all about moments and emotions.

As a wedding photographer in Toronto with about 25 years of successful experience, we know about the value of memories. We are aware where we have to be to capture the proper moment under a creative angle. Where to catch the emotional moment. How to light the couple correctly to reflect the meaning of the moment and the view of the soul.

Where have we started?

We have begun with film cameras and about 20 years ago discovered the beauty of digital photography. We have learned to create the moments and to capture the moment. Our team of professional wedding photographers Toronto does not expect you to be an expert poser. We see the beauty via our magic lenses. We just might change the angle, direction of the light or might ask you to get closer and touch each other. We are not changing the reality as the pose it is just a beginning of a beautiful looking picture. The energy, relationship, love, friendship must be added to the images by the couple. The pose will be just a geometrical combination of two personalities without the human being a factor.

This factor is the secret weapon of every professional photographer in Toronto. They know what to say, and when to tell a joke to create the sparkles of the energy in the eyes of the bride and the groom. Does it work for all getting married couples? Not really… But we are doing our best to create the priceless moment that should be different from just a pose.

We love to capture the moment from a side. That is why we need to use two photographers. One photographer is focusing on must photos, where everyone looks to the camera and mom and dad love these classic pictures. The second photographer is capturing the same moment from the different angle and capturing the emotions without even being noticed. These pictures are usually are hanging on the walls for generations. There are a lot of various aspects of professional wedding photography. These elements make a border between amateurs and professional wedding photographer.

Please book GSR Studio Inc as your wedding photographer Toronto, rely on our experience and expertise. Our couples love our wedding and engagement pictures, and they are hiring us for maternity, newborn photography, baby, kids, and family photography. We are offering to our clients a life span discounted plan, and this is very much appreciated by our customers as they know what to expect from our quality photography and it will be tough to choose just 20 pictures for annual family album…