There are thousands of Dance Photography Posing pictures on the web, and most of the photos are relevant to ballet dancing, group dancing or individual posing of your dancers in the studio.

The Ballroom dancing poses are staying a side from the general dance photography poses.  Do they exist? We are in the ballroom dance photography for a decade, and the style of the dancers, character, speed, emotions of the dance are changing from competition to competition. The new couples are bringing a new energy and spirit to ballroom dance photography.

Ballroom photography is following the ballroom changes as well. The photographers are adding the character to the poses by taking the photos in natural light or using studio strobes to add the character to the pictures. Today we see the beauty and joy of dance from a different angle.  Last week I was taking a look back to our photos taken ten years ago, and they are different in compare to the photos taken in the last couple of years.

What are the best poses for ballroom dancing?  The poses that reflect the character, motion, mood, emotions, dance elegance, relationships of the couple, etc.

The poses of the ballroom and Latin dancing are different. The classical, elegant ballroom dance is so gorgeous, and we are following the couple to catch the best moments of the dance routine.  The knowledge of the dance routine is essential. It is interesting that the position of the photographer is important as well. The photo that you see on the top of the article were taken during Toronto Open Dance Competition recently, and I was taking to the dancer that I haven’t seen any nice positions in the first round of the dance. The dancer just changed the starting point of the dance, and I have captured a couple of beautiful photos.

It is interesting that it is much easier to catch the gorgeous poses of experienced dancers in compare to entry level dancers.

Some dance couples are trying to raise during the dance competition, and staying very close to the photographer. I am not sure that this is a good idea. The photos were taken by another way, where the couple is enjoying the dance and not trying to impress the photographer, showing the love, the energy,  emotion freedom of spirit and dance are looking significantly better.

It is always a question about the full body and closes up photos. Our preference for ballroom dancing is full body and for Latin dancing we love close-ups, but this is a personal test.

The competition decoration, proper lighting adds the value to the dance photos as the background, light color, intensity, direction are an important part of the priceless dance photos.

Dance photos can be created on any location like our studio where we are using the classic backdrops and studio quality lighting to create unique character of the pictures.

Outdoors photos in the darkness look gorgeous as well, but all these photos are different in compare to action photos taken during a ballroom dance competitions, they are missing the power and elegance of the dance, emotions, style, movement and atmosphere of the contest.