The art of lights for those perfect headshots might be leading to endless technical and artistic discussions. There are thousands of professional instructional videos and photography training describing technical aspects of light. They cover scientific approaches of lighting the face. It is good to know the basics of the light theory. How to use the different variety of the tools like color meter, the power of the light, etc. We focused on these technical aspects a couple of decades ago. It was at the beginning of the establishing of our studio. We also learned that it is good to know the basics of the light. It is all about the person, character, emotions, mood. These are important factors affects the final product: perfect headshot. It happens in out studio when we change the direction, power, color of the light. We do it on the fly, without using any extra equipment.

Our eye and experience can’t stand to replace any technical tool.  Everyone have a unique eye, and that is why the result of every professional photographer is different. What is important is the customer satisfaction. The clients love the product of our work.We run extra miles to create something new.We do experiments with backdrops. We add different color filters, change light modifiers, a direction of the light. Every photo shoot is unique.  That is why we love it.The first impression starts when the client opens the door of our studio. We do evaluate the personality of the person, shape of the face, body size, and color skin.

It is important to establish the personal bridge from the first moment and to get the client to be comfortable with us. The technical knowledge and an experience are just a bonus for our customers. It is no question that we learned the different aspects the art of lights for those perfect headshots, but the bottom line defined by the person that is standing in front of the camera, and our goal is to create a unique look that will reflect the best of the client.

Please book GSR Studio Inc team to create the perfect and unique headshot for all you needs