GSR Studio Inc team has been provided our professional dance photography and dance videography services to Spring Tulip Classic Festival of dance.

We have been impressed at the growth, success, and atmosphere that organizer has been created continuously year-after-year at Spring Tulip Classic Festival of Dance.

This year the international dance competition was organized at the heart of Niagra Falls, very close to all attractions: Americana Resort and Spa. We loved the new venue and new look of the Spring Tulip Classic. The organizers did an extraordinary work by putting all staff together, and it felt like a family atmosphere. The competition has attracted a lot of dance couple from USA and Canada, and the dance floor was very busy all the time (10-15 couples were the most of the time on the dance floor). We have enjoyed watching such a crowd of happy dancers, dancing with the love!

Vince Bailey and Pierre Allaire did a tremendous work as MC and gorgeous music production has been conducted by Hugo Vaidila.

There are following vendors successfully operated during the competition: Hair and Make-Up By Bobby and Sally Ackbarally, I love Dance Shoes and Muse By Yuliya

The show dance completion attracted a lot of couples, and we enjoyed the fantastic show by Super Shag.

Tanya’s Cardinal tribute was the heartbreaking event of the evening. The heart of Sylvain Cardinal and the dancers and visitors that filled dance venue were touched by very sensitive and emotional speech of Carole Simmons. One of the dances of Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva has been dedicated to the memory of Tanya Cardinal.

We knew Tanya Cardinal for about of decade. She helped us to grow our business as well by giving us an opportunity to provide our services to Summer Dance Festival and Maple Leaf Classic.

The dancers enjoyed the dinner and top world level of professional dance show by word champions Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva after two very busy days of the dance competition. These performances rocked this weekend. The dancers met a beautiful people and saw fabulous friends in the atmosphere the love and dance that has been created by family /staff of Scott Ruddick and Carole Simmons.

Carole and Scott the evening costumes were fantastic in old fashion style that was matching the scene of the competition. The dancers have been demonstrating the old style clothes as well.

The top Canadian studio title earned by Joy of Dance and Linda Miller won the top student title!

Congratulations to organizers of the competition with a very successful event and a very good time!

The most of the dancers are already booked their calendar for the next year! This was a great experience!

The pictures of the competition are posted in our store.

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