Purim Family Photography

Jewish people appreciate Purim family photography. Family pictures are the vital part of Jewish history.
This year we celebrate ten years of our free community services for local Jewish communities.
We are proud of the respect of JRCC to our studio. It was our pleasure to meet our consistent customers in Kehila center.
The festival of Purim changing the theme from year to year. This year it was Morocco theme. We loved the backdrop and gorgeous costumes.
Jewish celebrate Purim every year on the 14th of Hebrew month Adar. It is the commemoration of the saving Jewish lives from Haman.
Haman planned to kill all Jewish people in the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire.

The meaning of the “ Purim” is “lots”.The reading of Megillah, giving money gifts, sending is very enjoyable part of the Purim.The celebration of Purim is about having the fun with family and friends.
The atmosphere is friendly as family enjoy the drinking, dancing and playing with kids.Purim costumes is unique part of the celebration.
The year Purim celebration was in Kehila Center . We like to take the pictures of different event in this place. We captured family photos, the part of Megillah reading, kids party and family party.
Every one enjoyed the great family time with a lot of dancing, Jewish music and traditional Jewish food.

Hag Sameach and enjoy the action and candid s photos captured with love by GSR Studio Inc.