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newborn photography

Newborn Photography   FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where GSR Studio Inc located? Our photography studio is located close to the main intersection Bathurst & Rutherford.

The address is 41 Asner Av, Maple, Ontario,      L6A0W6

2) Can we find your studio on Google Maps? Yes, you can. Please search for GSR Studio Inc and get direction to our studio from there.

3) Do you provide the photography service in the studio only? We do provide our services in our studio and on location.

4) How many years of experience do you have in Newborn Photography? We have celebrated 10 years of complete customers satisfaction in 2017.

5) Do you provide all the props? Yes, we do provide all the props for a newborn boy and newborn girl photography.

6) Can we bring our props? You are very welcome to bring any props and accessories that you like.

7) When do you recommend to capture newborn photography photo session? The best time for booking newborn photography session is when the

baby is 7-12 days.  This is the best frame time.The babies are not too active and they sleep most of the time. The baby is still in the sleepy and curly stage.

After 12 days of age, the baby can to be disturbed more easily while sleeping.It is more complex to get the true newborn poses and look.

They are always a chance for colicky or baby acne can start to flare.

8) Can you proceed with newborn photography booking after 12 days of baby life? Yes, we can. The photo shoot will require more time and we do recommend to book 3 Hr photo

shoot for any age from 14 days to 10 weeks. The babies older than  10 days are awake for the longer period of time.

9) What is the temperature in your studio? We maintain 25-27 Deg.C during an entire photo shoot, This temperature helps to keep the babies cozy and sleeping.

10) Our baby cries most of the time. How you will manage this situation. We do recommend to eat healthy food one or two days before the photo shoot.

Feed the baby in our studio before the photo shoot. The rest will be covered by our experience.

11) Do I need to book the newborn photography photo shoot a couple of month in advance? Please give us a call a week before planned newborn photo session

and we will find the day and time convenient for you.

12) Can I bring my video camera and use my cell phone during the photo shoot? You are very welcome to bring your cell and camera to create the memories on your own.

13) What if my baby cries all the time or gets fussy? This is normal behavior for your baby to wake up during newborn photography photo session.

We continue to work through their fuss and warmth. We will help to feed the baby or you can give your baby a full feed.

14) Wha should I bring with me to your studio? If you have a special handmade receiving blanket, that would be great to bring with you to add to

the portraits of your newborn baby. Or you may bring a special stuffed plush toy that you would like to incorporate into a portrait. Simple is best. Additionally,

Please bring a change of clothes for yourself in the event of any small accidents while your baby is naked. The pacifier helps to keep the baby calm.

15) Can you fix our baby acne? It is nothing to worry about. Every portrait you select as part of your printing order will be individually photoshopped.

We will smooth and soften blemishes or boo-boos or dry skin, so not to worry!

16) Who can come with us to the newborn photo shoot? The parents, older siblings grandparents are very welcome to photo shoot.

17) What would you recommend to wear? We suggest wearing a solid black, long-sleeved top. The dark top is both flattering to the mother as well

as being a lovely contrast to the baby’s skin. We recommend long-sleeved shirts to cover the arms. Long sleeve will help to create great images for the newborn baby as well.

18) When can I see the images? The images are available for preview in real-time on the big screen.

19) When can I get all the images? The images will be available for download in 3-5 working days after the photo shoot.

20) How long time you will spend with us? We will spend the time that you booked for the newborn photo shoot.

21) What package do you recommend for me if I have a 2-year-old sibling? We suggest 1 Hr photo shoot as the sibling got tired very fast.

22) What package would you recommend for first newborn baby? We recommend 3 Hrs photo shoot. This time will allow us to use the most of the accessories

that we have in the studio.

23) Do you provide just electronic images? We provide images and prints.

24) Can we get one 11×14 inch print instead of two 8×10 inch portraits? Yes, you can.

25) Can you print the album and enlargements for us? Yes, we can. Please contact GSR Studio Inc team for the full electronic price list for printing services.

26) Do you charge sitting fees? We don’t charge sitting fees.

27) Do I have to pay a deposit? No, you don’t have to pay a deposit.

28) What payment methods do you accept? We do accept all electronic payments, any credit or debit card, and cash.

29) Can I reschedule my photo shoot? Yes, you can. Please do it not in last minute.

30) What about my make-up?Please take care of make-up, hair, and nails before the photo shoot.

31) I am nursing. What should I eat? Please avoid spicy staff, pizza, hot sauce etc. Please don’t eat anything that will cause gas and might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours prior your scheduled session. A gassy baby will not pose well during the session due to their little tummy being upset. Please avoid  dairy products- milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, cream, or any food that has milk, milk products, casein, whey, or sodium casein it, as well as foods with caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, or citrus fruits *If baby happens to be gassy the day of your session, Oval or Gripe Water can be used to help ease baby’s discomfort.

32) How to prepare the newborn baby for a successful photo shoot? Please interact with baby 1-2 Hr before the photo shoot. The baby has to be tired and sleepy. The procedure will help us to focus on photography and not on getting your baby a sleep. I would suggest using a warm bath or “naked time”. These trick can help a lot during the photo shoot. Please feed baby just before you leave the studio, to make sure he has a full belly. We don’t recommend to feed the baby at our studio as baby wakes up and need a time for falling back in deep sleep.the baby should be fed as much as possible in the 8 hours before newborn photography session. This will allow for the baby to sleep as deeply and as long as possible.

We suggest ignoring strict feeding schedule for the 2.5 hours at the session. We can capture flexible poses is if the newborn baby is fully satiated and sleepingI would rather have you give the baby an extra feeding than have you worry that baby isn’t sleeping and we’re missing out on some cute poses. Please dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on baby’s skin and to also avoid disturbing baby when getting undressed. A simple sleeper is best. Please avoid onesies or anything that has to be pulled off over baby’s head.

33) Can we get a couple of prints on the spot? Yes, we do print on the spot if requested.

34) How many pictures are we going to receive after the newborn photo session? You are going to receive all of the photos that have been captured during the duration of the photo

       shoot. We do capture about 600-800 images and you gonna get 200 plus edited and ready to print images. It all depends on the newborn and your family.

35) Are you editing the images? Yes, all of the electronic files will be professionally edited and ready for print.

36) Can you extra retouch just a couple of photos? Yes, we will retouch the photos selected for printing at no extra charge.

37) What do you recommend to dress? It depends on the purpose of the photo shoot. Please contact our team, and we will be happy to discuss this topic.

38) Any limitations relevant to some poses? We don’t limit our customers. There are no limitations relevant to some poses.

39) Can we change our clothes during the photo shoot? Yes, you can change the clothes in our change room.

40) What is the resolution of the electronic images that we are receiving? The resolution is 300 DPI, and you will be capable of printing huge posters.

41) How many backdrops do you have in the studio? We do have three standard backdrops: black, white and gray (hand painted old masters backdrop) and we do have a couple of hands painted in-studio backdrops.

42) Can you prepare the unique backdrop for us? Yes, we can, and the painting or printing        will take a while. Please contact us in advance.

43) When do you recommend to take newborn pictures? The best timing is first 14 days of baby’s life. This gives us an opportunity to get sweet, sleepy, curly shoots.

44) How long newborn photo shoot takes? It takes 2-3 hours, and it depends on the baby and your family.

45) What is your goal? Our goal is to create priceless artistic portraits to meet and exceed customers expectations in fun, relaxed and memorable experience.

46) What are the areas of your services? We do provide the services in GTA: Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Toronto.

47) Can we see the results of your work at the real time? Yes, you can. You will see all the images that we captured on a big screen right away.

48) Any hidden extra charges? There are no any extra charges.

49) How will images be delivered to us? These two options. Free delivery via google drive or dropbox The second option is on luxury USB.

      The cost of USB is $20. You are welcome to bring USB and save the money

50)How long will it take to get the images? The maximum is 7 business days. Please contact us if the faster delivery is required.

51) Do you capture the close up image? Yes, we do.

52) Do you have special props for a newborn baby boy and baby girl photography? Yes, we have plenty of newborn props for baby boys and

      baby girls. We are constantly upgrading the newborn props.  The images of the props are available on our blog or Google Plus page.

53) Does the package price include the pictures of the newborn with parents?  Yes, it does.

54) Can we invite grandparents to photo shoot? Yes, you can. The extra charge  $50 will be applied.

55) Do you have an experience with twins photography? Yes, we do.

56) Do you charge extra for newborn twins photography?  Yes, we do. The cost of twins photo shoot is $550.

57)How many images are we getting after twins photography photo shoot?You are getting 400 plus edited and ready to print images.

58) How many prints included in twins photography package?  The package comes with ten 8×10 inch prints in the professional lab on luster paper, or twenty images 5×7 inch

59) Can we order extra prints from your studio? Yes, you can. We do charge $10  for 5×7 inch and $20 for 8×10 inch professional prints.

60) Do the newborn packages include prints? Yes, it does. The standard newborn photography package comes with six 5×7 inch prints of three 8×10 inch prints. The prints printed in the professional lab on luster, glossy or matte archival and UV protected paper.

61) Do you have a special environment for save newborn photography? Yes, we do. The studio is safe, smoking free and the temperature of the studio about 27 Deg.C especially heated for newborn.

62) Who own the images? You own all the images according to Canadian law.

63) Do you post all the images on the social media? We post the images on the social media if the client gives us a permission.

64) Do you offer affordable packages? Yes, we do. We don’t charge any extras for digital images and prints included in the packages.

65)What is unique about your style of photography? Our style is the combination of lifestyle photography. modern newborn and traditional newborn photography. It is unique in the nearest locations.

GSR Workshop Group supplies newborn photography to the clients from the following locations:

Vaughan Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Maple, Concord, Willowdale, Rexdale, King City, Kleinburg, WoodbridgeEtobicoke, Barrie,Pickering,Bradford,

Aurora, Brampton, GTA, Toronto, North York, York Region.,CaledonNewtonbrook, Jane and Finch AreaWhitchurch-Stouffville, Mississauga. East Gwillimbury

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newborn Photography Vaughan
1Hr Family
$ 299
  • Up to 1 hour Family photo shoot
  • Instant-Image Preview
  • All edited and ready to print images
  • One(1) (8x10) inch or two (2) 5x7 inch prints.
  • Family Photography , Close-Ups
  • Father and Infant
  • Mother and Infant.
  • Sibling and Infant.
  • Family Portraits
  • Infant's Close-Ups.

  • Scheduled between 5 to 10 days of life
  • No Sitting Fee
  • The package includes all edited ready to print images delivered via Dropbox.
  • You own all the images!
  • All props are provided .
  • Located in our professional studio
  • You’ll be provided with:
  • Pre-session consultation by phone/email
  • $20 extra for delivery on USB
  • The printed pictures will be extra retouched.
  • The extra retouching is $25 per image
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • The extra print 8x10 inch is $25
  • The extra print 11x14 inch is $50
  • 8x10 inch quality album , 10 spreads from $400
1Hr Baby
$ 299
  • Up to 1 hour Baby photo shoot
  • Instant-Image Preview
  • All edited and ready to print images
  • One(1) (8x10) inch or two(2) 5x7inch prints.
  • 1-2 Artistic baby set-ups and close-ups
  • Infant's Close-Ups.
  • One(1) (8x10) inch Print.

  • Scheduled between 5 to 10 days of life
  • No Sitting Fee
  • The package includes all edited ready to print images delivered via Dropbox.
  • You own all the images!
  • All props are provided .
  • Located in our professional studio
  • You’ll be provided with:
  • Pre-session consultation by phone/email
  • $20 extra for delivery on USB
  • The printed pictures will be extra retouched.
  • The extra retouching is $25 per image
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • The extra print 8x10 inch is $25
  • The extra print 11x14 inch is $50
  • 8x10 inch quality album , 10 spreads from $400
1.5 Hr
$ 399
  • Up to 1.5 hour photo shoot
  • Instant-Image Preview
  • All edited and ready to print images
  • Two(2) (8x10) inch or four(4) 5x7 inch Prints
  • Family photography, Close-Ups And 1-2 artistic Baby Set-Ups plus close-ups
  • Father and Infant.
  • Mother and Infant
  • Sibling and Infant
  • Family Portraits
  • Infant Close-Ups.

  • Scheduled between 5 to 10 days of life
  • No Sitting Fee
  • The package includes all edited ready to print images delivered via Dropbox.
  • You own all the images!
  • All props are provided .
  • Located in our professional studio
  • You’ll be provided with:
  • Pre-session consultation by phone/email
  • $20 extra for delivery on USB
  • The printed pictures will be extra retouched.
  • The extra retouching is $25 per image
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • The extra print 8x10 inch is $25
  • The extra print 11x14 inch is $50
  • 8x10 inch quality album , 10 spreads from $400
2 Hrs
$ 450
  • Up to 2 hours photo shoot
  • Instant-Image Preview
  • All edited and ready to print images
  • Four (4) (8x10) inch or eight(8) 5x7 inch Prints
  • Family photography, Close-Ups, more than 2 baby artistic set-ups
  • Father and Infant
  • Mather and Infant
  • Sibling and Infant
  • Family Portraits
  • Infant Close-Ups

  • Scheduled between 5 to 10 days of life
  • No Sitting Fee
  • The package includes all edited ready to print images delivered via Dropbox.
  • You own all the images!
  • All props are provided .
  • Located in our professional studio
  • You’ll be provided with:
  • Pre-session consultation by phone/email
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • $20 extra for delivery on USB
  • The printed pictures will be extra retouched.
  • The extra retouching is $25 per image
  • The extra print 8x10 inch is $25
  • The extra print 11x14 inch is $50
  • 8x10 inch quality album , 10 spreads from $400
3 Hrs
$ 550
  • Up to 3 hours photo shoot
  • Instant-Image Preview
  • All edited and ready to print images
  • Six (6) (8x10) inch or twelve (12) 5x7 inch Prints
  • Family photography, Close-Ups, more than 3 artistic baby Set-ups
  • Father and Infant
  • Mother and Infant
  • Sibling and Infant
  • Family Portraits
  • Infant Close-Ups
  • Six(6) (8x10) inch Prints

  • Scheduled between 5 to 10 days of life)
  • No Sitting Fee
  • The package includes all edited ready to print images delivered via Dropbox.
  • You own all the images!
  • All props are provided .
  • Located in our professional studio
  • You’ll be provided with:
  • Pre-session consultation by phone/email
  • $20 extra for delivery on USB
  • The printed pictures will be extra retouched.
  • The extra retouching is $25 per image
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • The extra print 5x7 inch is $20
  • The extra print 11x14 inch is $50
  • 8x10 inch quality album , 10 spreads from $400

newborn photography

Newborn Photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

Newborn Photography

newborn photography

newborn Photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

Newborn Photo Session Newmarket

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

Why GSR Studio Inc ?

We would suggest asking our customers looking for Maternity photography prices. This is the best response that we can offer.The reviews of our work are posted on our Google Profile. The results are visible on the bottom of the page for your convenience. We are proud of the feedbacks of our customers. We love what we do! We love to deal with different and very demanding customers. We learn from our customers. Our customers help us to get better and better. We are proud of our latest achievements: Customers Award Winner in Vaughan: Newborn Photography Studio of the year.

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Sonia Negi
03:08 29 Jan 19
We did photo shoot of our newborn son with GSR studio. Elina and Gregory did fabulous job. They both were so loving and kind. We will surely recommend them to our friends.
nik kram
16:47 15 Jan 19
Thank you Gregory and Elina for the beautiful photos! You were very good with our kids. We are very happy with everything.
Nicole Ben-Lolo
13:50 09 Jan 19
A huge thank you to GSR studios for our beautiful holidays photos! The overall experience was tons of fun- we laughed, joked, and most importantly received the most beautiful photos to gift to our parents for the holidays. Elina and Gregory are extremely professional and definitely have a passion for what they do! Thank you SO much once again for the experience- I would highly recommend GSR Studios.
Payam Ahmad
14:03 18 Dec 18
True professionals!!! They took their time to ensure I received the very best shots. Lovely couple and would recommend them to anyone who needs quality service. Thanks guys.
Mai Hassan
19:14 16 Dec 18
We had the 3 hours newborn photo sessio. It was really a great experience, the photographer didn't want to waste a second, which we highly appreciated. Even when the baby was crying or needed to feed or change diapers, they would take photos of other family members or set up a new photographing setting, so they can make use of every minute. The photos turned out great, they are very patient with babies, as well as small kids (my older son is 3 and half years old). Lots of sweet nice accessories and many many options to choose from.
Sylvia Rani Francis
19:32 07 Dec 18
I am constantly in Public Service and when i chose GSR seeing all their pictures posted i was confident that i will get a good end product from them and thus fixed my appointment with GSR studio. Let me tell you they work very professionally and intuitively.They also listen to you and understand how to provide what you desire.I will most definitely recommend GSR studio to one and all!!!!
Pablo Rojas
15:28 19 Nov 18
We had a newborn shoot with our 4 day old. They were fantastic and set up a warm and comforting environment. Photos turned out great! Great with kids.
Ella Foox
20:59 17 Nov 18
Thank you, GSR Studio, for my absolutely fabulous pictures! You were great! I really liked this whole process of photoshooting. You made every part of this experience very easy and fun from choosing my outfit and my hair style to getting my final picture. Thank you for quality work and for making sure I felt relaxed and confident at the same time. Now my head shot looks professional and I am going to use it on all my marketing materials with confidence. Definitely recommend!!
Judith Moreira
00:10 09 Nov 18
Amazing Service! Extremely patient and professional. We love the outcome of our photos. They captured amazing shots of our 5 week old (whom was crying 90% of the time). Thank again!!
melissa adragna
00:37 06 Nov 18
We just had my sons 1st birthday cake smash done over the weekend. I have NOTHING but good things to say. From the second of booking to now GSR has gone above and beyond my expectations. From amazing photos to such an amazingly quick turn around on photos I am absolutely blown away and will be booking our next set of photos soon! Melissa
Christine Chamelian
01:32 05 Nov 18
Thank you so much for a great job done. Very professional, patient deserve 5 star plus. I highly recommend them, do not look around or shop around, they deliver in every way or form.
Jeff Hecker
17:38 24 Oct 18
We had family portraits taken in October 2018. The GSR team did a great job of helping us form poses, and were careful to make sure that we were getting good shots as we moved through all the different combinations of people we were doing. They also did a great job with our young daughter. We got about 200 photos from our 90 minute session and they look great! Highly recommended.
Jonathan Ghattas
19:57 19 Oct 18
Elina and Gregory are very professional. They went out of their way to make me happy with the photos. Overall, great quality and service and I would highly recommend them.
Michael Nadler
22:09 16 Oct 18
A pleasure to deal with. My daughter was very comfortable and had a great time. The pictures turned out fabulously.
Kithmini Pali
01:10 04 Oct 18
Professional, personable and efficient - that was my experience dealing with GSR Studio. They make you feel comfortable and are committed to ensuring quality photos. Definitely recommend them!
Naomi Baba
15:42 25 Sep 18
Very professional and friendly! My daughter needed a headshot for the musical theatre she is in. They really helped my daughter feel relaxed and be herself. The experience was great and fun! The photos turned out amazing. We would definitely go back again and recommend them to friends.
Adel Babataher
01:48 25 Sep 18
Great experience. Enjoyed the entire process! They were an amazing couple and truly care about the quality of the work they put out 🙂
Rob Talevski
01:34 24 Sep 18
Great experience, they were professional, courteous and efficient. They emailed me options to select my favourite and created a professional photo I was very happy with. Highly recommended!
Vikas Joshi
00:15 24 Sep 18
It was a great experience from the time of booking till the end. Both Elina and Gregory are well versed in their profession and have a relaxed professional environment. I strongly recommend their services and you won't be disappointed! Definitely a premium level service and the pictures are a reflection of it.
Jbva julia
01:16 09 Sep 18
Amazing pictures!!! I had my business pictures taken today, perfect quality, professional and impeccable work!!! I am happy I chose this company and I will come back to them for more pictures in the future!
John Salsiri
14:47 01 Sep 18
I really loved how my pictures turned out their set ups are amazing. They made our session fun an i did not feel rushed at all. I have gone to other photographers for other photos and do not compare to GSR this is the best place i have gone to and with a decent price. These are my go to photographers from now on.
Yan Zhu
17:09 31 Aug 18
Gregory and Elina are very talented, professional and committed to delivering only high-quality images. Both my husband and I were very happy to see the beautiful shots they captured during our wedding and will not hesitate to use and recommend their services in future occasions.
Raymond Chan
15:07 20 Aug 18
Thank you very much Elina & Gregory!! Excellent and professional! My whole family had a excellent experience with you two (GSR Studio) and we loved all the photos! Strongly recommended for other people!!!Chan’s family
Margaret Kovacs
03:15 06 Jul 18
If you're looking to get professional pictures such as family, personal, professional head-shots then this is the place to go! I highly recommend GSR Studio, very comfortable environment, personal attention, no rushing, and they made me feel super at ease. Photos are exceptional, high quality and same day turn-around. If you're considering any photos make sure that your fist call is to GSR!
Golara Perret
23:26 03 Jul 18
Excellent service, very professional. I took my daughter to this place for a few headshots before she gets a haircut for summer. Ella had all kinds of beautiful headbands to match my daughter’s dress. I received all the shots in my inbox the day after. I highly recommend GSR studio and will use their services again.
Kimia Mahabadipour
17:10 26 Jun 18
We had such a great experience with GSR Studio and are in love with how our family photos turned out! The photographers were so patient and professional. Elina and Gregory are very creative and they have a great eye for capturing precious moments. They made my 3 year old (who normally doesn’t like her picture taken) feel so comfortable and engaged her in the process. She loved all of their props and accessories so much that she was posing like a little model! We will definitely take our future family photos at GSR Studio!
Ima Tavakkoli
02:38 01 Jun 18
We are extremely happy with our experience w Gregory and Elina. They were so professional and friendly in the same time. Our daughter was happy during the photo shoot, and we loved the photos... thank u G and E for making her birthday photo shoot so much fun..
Fateh Kamel
16:28 11 May 18
For anyone looking to have their newborn photos taken: GO FOR IT!! Elena and Gregory were of utmost professionalism!! They were very gentle and patient with my little one, knew how to calm him for poses, never rushed the process. The results were just AMAZING!!!!! Again, Thank you Elena & Gregory, it was a pure pleasure!!
Edwin Shum
02:16 11 May 18
Greg and Elina are very nice and professional. My 2 years old was scared at first but they know ways to make her feel get to review a few pictures right away and Greg's photography skills is awesome.Highly recommend them
Brianne Stephenson
16:36 09 May 18
Gregory and Elaine provide a warm, friendly and fun experience with their photography. The experience my family had having pictures taken left all of us with smiles on our faces. The photographs themselves are great quality and well worth the prices! Thank you for the great experience GSR Studios!
Elaine Gringauz
19:36 29 Apr 18
We did our newborn photos with GSR. They were so professional and amazing with our baby. The studio was set-up exceptionally well and was very comfortable for us, as well as our baby. The room was pre-heated and GSR took the utmost care to ensure that she was comfortable throughout the session. They had a wide range of outfit and prop choices, allowing us to create the perfect set of photos to remember our baby as a 1 week old. We could not be happier with the experience and the quality of the final product. Thank you GSR!!!
Timren Mazgiv
11:27 15 Apr 18
Hired GSR Studio for our son’ first birthday party. Gregory and Elina were awesome, very professional and have an eye for capturing the special moments. Excellent communication before, during and after the event. We are delighted with the end results, pictures were edited to a professional standard with a quick turnaround time for us to get the final product. We will be using them again for our next event. Highly recommended!!
Phoebe Ko
16:00 13 Apr 18
Wonderful experience. It was a 30 minutes session and we were late but they didn't rush us and the session went pass 30 minutes but yet they didn't just rush to wrap it up. All the photos they took were very nice. We are very satisfied. Price is very reasonable as well. We will definitely book a session again when our baby is older.
narendra singh
03:20 23 Mar 18
This was a fun exercise....he really wants to do the very best job and goes above and beyond the call. Though this is a home studio the equipment is very up to date with nothing lacking...I highly recommend...I will definitely use him again.
Carl Harvey
14:56 22 Mar 18
Relaxed but professional atmosphere, which includes the manner of the photographer, whose gentle coaching was helpful. Also, the call-back system of their reception is friendly, prompt and reliable. Overall a stress-free, even enjoyable, experience.
Karen R
12:17 17 Mar 18
I am very pleased with the results of professional photo shoot in Gregory's studio. You can tell that he loves his profession and wants to get the best results for his clients. Definitely recommend to anybody who is looking for a high quality photos!
Elza Stoyanova
12:26 16 Feb 18
I was very pleased with my photo shoot session. Elena & Gregory were friendly and determined to get the best results possible.I highly recommend their service.
Michael Cheung
16:25 12 Feb 18
I had fun working with Gregory and Elina during my photo session. They were very meticulous with their work and the results were simply amazing! I am an amateur photographer and I recognized the kind of equipment they used which was top notched. I am more than pleased with their work and results. Thanks Gregory and Elina!!
Mudit Mahajan
03:26 31 Jan 18
Excellent work and result. Loved their photography. I'll say that they have the magic touch! 🙂 Would recommend everyone to get their pictures done GSR Studio
Chitwan Sharma
23:55 29 Jan 18
Professional, Detail oriented and with a Taste - These are the top attributes (out of many) that come in to my mind with regards to my experience with GSR Studios. Their expertise and latest camera gear made sure that the portrait shots come out perfect.. every time. I would really recommend them for any photography needs. And, Special thanks to Gregory, keep up the good work.
Mehul Pandya
15:14 28 Jan 18
I had the opportunity to get myself professionally clicked at one of the job fairs by GSR Studio. They are very professional, helpful and pleasant to work with. I am very please about the result of their photography and editing skills. I would recommend them highly.
Prajith Menon
03:18 28 Jan 18
GSR offered a free shoot at the job fair I attended at Mississauga Convention Center. I must say that they clicked one of the best picture of mine so far and that too in seconds. The gesture they did was a boon for the newcomers since the photo-shoots in Canada is generally expensive. I strongly recommend to use their service in the near future.
Praveen Nambiar
23:33 27 Jan 18
They did a great job with the Business shoot... Both Gregory and Elina know what they are doing and what the clients expect. I strongly recommend their services to anyone who wants great photographs taken.
04:10 19 Jan 18
Great service, very professional. I highly recommend this studio. What I really liked about my experience is that it took no time to produce great results - no delays/waiting, they new exactly what needed to be done. And it only took 30 min overall. They made it so easy for me. Keep it up guys and thank you!
Kaya Masilamany
03:23 18 Jan 18
I loved their service. Very friendly and great quality of work. Thank you for the wonderful photo shoot.
Madiha Bhatti
22:32 04 Jan 18
Amazing photoshoot!!I love their service and quality of work. They are very friendly and professional. I love all the pictures and will defiantly recommend them for future. Thank you for amazing work 🙂
02:39 27 Nov 17
They are very friendly and reliable. Everything was delivered on time and with quality. I liked all the pictures that they took!
Ilanit Reshef-Citrin
00:31 18 Nov 17
They were very professional, and took the time necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. There were a variety of backdrops and props available for use. Great service overall.
Alejandra Baldor
15:52 03 Nov 17
I contacted GSR Studio for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah after I saw the work they did on a friend's wedding. I could not be happier with the results I got too. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. They captured moments that I did not even think of, moments that will last forever now with the pictures. They were also very professional throughout the process, very easy to deal with and very fast in handing out the pictures. I can recommend GSR Studio to anybody that wants to make special moments memorable. Thank you Elina and Gregory.
Raha Torabi
00:56 18 Oct 17
Great service and beautiful photos. Elina and Gergory were kind, patient and able to capture amazing photos of our daughter during her newborn photo shoot (which we were able to book last minute thankfully). Their props are beautiful and Elina's eye for detail made all the difference. They are also reasonably priced for the services and prints they offer. I would recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future for our daughter's milestones as well as any future children. I have already recommended them to some of my friends who are expecting. Thank you GSR!
Anna Sakovsky
01:47 15 Oct 17
GSR Studio is one of the best studios in GTA to go for professional pictures. Elina and Gregory are highly professional and very nice and polite. They are very good with kids. The studio has the best equipment and a lot of props. Elina and Gregory were taking pictures for my daughter's dance auditions/portfolio. My daughter and I had a lot of fun at the studio and got amazing pictures as a result. Highly recommended!!!
Amy Kahlon
18:15 13 Oct 17
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Elina and Gregory. Our maternity shoot last weekend was so much fun and the pictures turned out so good! They made us feel so comfortable during the whole time and their response time to questions and final photos is outstanding. Looking forward to the newborn photoshoot in couple of months 🙂 Keep up the great work!!! - Jet and Amy
Brian DoCouto
16:40 02 Oct 17
Used GSR for my wedding photography. Gregory and Elina were an absolute delight to work with!!! Always full of energy and making sure the subjects were also full of energy for the photos. Since we weren't from the area they gave us suggestions for shooting locations and the photos turned out absolutely beautiful! The compliments keep coming. Highly recommended!Brian & Belle
Sivan Chen
17:37 21 Sep 17
We wanted to express our heart warm appreciation for your services!The photos turned out AMAZING and we are more then happy.You did such a great job and we want to say a big THANK YOU!for everything! Its been a pleasure working with you and we will definitely recommend your services to all our friends!
Regina Kosalka
02:32 03 Sep 17
What a wonderful service! Helpful, sincere and very competent! And pictures are great! Thank you very much. I've finally found a great photographer. I highly recommend this studio.
Lidiya Karib-Ogly
18:00 24 Aug 17
We enjoyed our newborn photo session a lot! The atmosphere was very pleasant and enjoyable. The photos came out great. Can't wait for our another photo session in future.
Jedidiah Liu
03:41 16 Aug 17
The whole family photo shoot was very pleasant even though my baby wasn't cooperative at times. Greg and Elina were very patient with us. Their positive attitude and love for what they do are continuously exhibited throughout the whole photoshoot. We as a family are very happy with the result. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a well-priced professional shoot that offers tremendous value
Deception Toronto
03:55 02 Jul 17
Very happy with the outcome! Two very good people that are passionate, take their jobs seriously and delivery great quality work. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get some work done.
George Kacikanis
15:26 01 Jul 17
GSR photography did a wonderful job of capturing all of our special moments on our wedding day on June 18th, 2017. All of them worked so hard and went above and beyond to create fabulous pictures for us. They were very professional and energetic throughout the day and made us and our guests feel very comfortable. We wouldn't hesitate to hire them again for any future special events and highly recommend them to all of our friends and family. Thank you GSR studio for capturing all of our memories on our special day. Amanda and George
Joshua Paton
03:37 27 Jun 17
Anna and I could not be happier! Elina and Gregory captured the magic moments of our wedding, and created beautiful memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. Working with these friendly professionals was a real pleasure. Highly recommended!
Ira Wolfe
01:23 20 Jun 17
Amazing experience. They did a great job and were more than patient. I would highly recommend them. Even my picture picky wife thought they were great and is now going to get her picture taken.
Gavin S
19:13 17 Jun 17
Working with Elina and Gregory was great experience. We had a crying infant and an impatient 4 year old but they were patient and helpful throughout the process. In spite of the challenges, the pics came out great. I'd recommend their services to others.
Jeff Whitfield
20:28 16 Jun 17
Gregory and Elina did a fantastic job on our newborn photos. They were very patient and professional, ensuring we had a lot of great shots. We were extremely happy with the results. Elina was amazing at staging the scene and Gregory is a true artist with the camera.I would highly recommend GSR photography.
Nimrod Oren
21:19 10 Jun 17
Elina and Gregory were very professional and patient. The gave me many more pictures than I had hoped for and they all turned out amazing! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for great service, amazing final product and reasonable price!
Long Kham
03:19 06 Jun 17
I highly recommend GSR Studio. After reading some reviews here, we decided to give it a try and went there for our newborn pictures. And like others our experiences were amazing. Gregory and Elina are very nice and professional. They were very patient and made sure that we had great pictures. The price is very reasonable and the fact that you own all the pictures is definitely a big plus. Thank you so much for taking these amazing pictures of our daughter. We love them!
Iev K
00:23 06 May 17
Thank you guys for such an amazing experience! You've been so patient and really helpful in making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We really appreciate your professionalism, punctuality and reliability!Eva & Slava
Ping T
16:28 30 Apr 17
Had a great experience at GSR studio. Elina and Gregory are very professional from booking the appointment to receiving the photographs. They were able to capture beautiful photos of my newborn. I would definitely deal with them again.
Chanie Zaltzman
21:21 24 Mar 17
Gregory & Elina, we are so happy with the pictures you took at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah! From the first call till the last picture received, professionalism and details galore! Every single picture taken is a treasure to last! They're pleasant to work with and go out of their way to please throughout the event. Thank you GSR Studios!
Vera Castanova
02:12 14 Mar 17
Our first time with GSR Studio has been a wonderful experience. The photos taken for my father 80th anniversary are absolutely beautiful!! The clarity, color, and variety are excellent! I don't think many photographers could have achieved this result. Gregory and Elina are masters of light! The team are true professionals – they gave us direction and guided us with the poses and made us feel really comfortable throughout the whole process. Rony also showed us the shots on a computer, so we could be sure we were getting the results we were looking for. I highly recommend GSR Studio –very professional, on time, fun, easy to work with and much attention to details.Vera
Ron Polovitzky
22:11 25 Feb 17
5 star experience Every Time at GSR Studies! Ella, Gregory, and Rony are caring and make sure that the customers needs are always met!
Andrei Maris
22:20 16 Feb 17
GSR team did an amazing work for our son headshot actor portfolio. They were very professional, creative and able to create FANTASTIC photos . We were so happy with the results of our family photos and our son album. Thank you Elina , Gregory and Rony.
veronica sakhnovich
18:09 10 Feb 17
Dear Gregory, Elina and Rony. May family and I love the service and great quality you provide every step of the way! We appreciate it very much! You had captured few major events of our lives and we look forward for more future opportunities to work together! Thank you ! Veronika, Vladimir, Alex and Gabriel.
Susie Nada
03:15 31 Jan 17
AMAZING Service and very professional. We used GSR for headshot for real estate. We are very happy with the service. We are going back to take our Family picture 🙂 Highly recommend GSR
gladys co
04:16 31 Dec 16
Very easy to work with. Tries very hard to get everyone in the photo to smile especially the kids. Will not hesitate to book them again. And very nice photos.
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