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Our main passion is quality lifestyle and portrait photography, and maternity photography or pregnancy photography is not an exemption. There is something unique about maternity photography when moms are anticipating the baby. We feel an extreme excitement, love, care of the future mother; we capture the moments when the baby elbows and knees were poking the Mommy’s belly and with the blink of an eye we will be excited to capture your child’s first pictures as well. The life is flying fast and in a couple of years, you will be proud to share these priceless memories with your child that just a couple minutes ago was flipping and turning around in your belly.

Being a kid, I always enjoyed watching Winnie The Pooh cartoons, and I love the expression “A grand adventure is about to begin.” It's exactly what we feel during the maternity photography photoshoot section. It is an adventure, it is a fan , it is challenging, and we love it!

We like to create the mood by painting with light and shadows. The belly, the silhouette , the hands of your partner or kids that holding with love the belly could be looking extraordinary in the eyes of the professional photographer with a lot of years of successful experience.

Pregnancy photography is about the capturing of new life and a very exciting start of the magical journey of being the photography star, it is about the capturing the moment of transformation of the woman to the mother and couple to a big family.

Maternity photography it is not just about the future mother, it is all about your partner and you kids as well. Some couples are brought an entire family to pregnancy photography section to show a significant connection between the roots of the family and future generation.

The maternity photography shoot could arrange in our studio, outdoors, at your home, hotel, etc. The best time for maternity photography is 36 plus weeks.

Most of the couples are booking the maternity photography and newborn photography section at the same time.

We are proud that the most of the couples that hired as for wedding photography booked our pregnancy and newborn photography services as well.

You don’t have to purchase the electronic files, as high-resolution, professionally edited electronic files will be ready for pick-up just in a couple of days after the photo shoot on luxury, custom-made USB.

We are not counting the poses; we are no counting the images. You will receive all the images that have been captured by our cameras.

Relaxing music, gorgeous family, warm and friendly atmosphere helps to create the priceless memories, build and catch the: “Wow” moment. You will enjoy the framed photos hanging on the wall and will be proud to share these memories with your kids and next generations.

The photos could be printed on magazine-quality paper, Italian quality poster size prints, albums. We can create a slideshow of your photos as well.

You are welcome to share these memories with your friends on any social media.

Please book your artistic and unforgettable pregnancy or combined pregnancy and newborn photo shoot with GSR Studio Inc: 905-417-22-11 and we will be happy to create lifestyle portraits for yours. You are welcome to give a call, and we will advise what to bring and what to wear. It is highly recommended to book the maternity photo shoot in advance!

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