Kids Photography

We are in love with kids photography as every photo shoot in our studio or on location.  Stopping time and turning the time machine.

We feel like small kids playing around with the cameras and capturing the moments that will last a lifetime. The kids photography helps us to regenerate the energy level as it brings us the joy and happiness. Usually, tiny photo shoot sections where we capture the life moments where the kids are enjoying the time in our studio by playing with the new toys, riding the new car or bike or shooting with a gun.

The sky is the limit for the kids or baby photography photo shoots, where the countdown is “on” and we do have a very limited period to capture an excitement of the child, to show the family connection, share the love and very special relationships in the family. We love to capture the moments when the grandparents are hugging, kissing and playing with the kids. These magic moments are perfect for kids portrait photography. It is really about the ability to capture the “ wow” moment, movement, feeling…

Our experience is dance photography for last ten years helps to capture these moments as this is about an action photography. Each photo shoot is different and that what we love! Every kid is unique and kids love to dance, sing, play or make a noise or just to show karate moves! We love these adventures to the different worlds of fun. We like to encourage the parents to think outside of the box and to learn more about the kid in advance. We love to play soccer with the kids and the capture the priceless moment that will stay in the family for generations.

Every year of the season is different and t help to use unique colors, character and add the natural textures to the pictures. There are a lot of gorgeous places around Toronto, Maple, Vaughan or North-York area, and we love to discover new locations , new lighting conditions and add this mood to the photos. We even captured kids photos captured during the fishing, when the child is so excited by catching the first time a fish! The sports activities like soccer, hockey, dance, Martial Arts training or even tournament could be a nice place for kids photos as well!

We do offer the different packages for kids photography and different prints options that cater to any test and can match any budget. We are not counting an amount of images! You will be receiving all edited full-size JPEG electronic images, professionally edited and ready to print. It is interesting that most of our wedding customers love to create the family portraits with newborn, babies, kids, and we enjoy seeing the kid’s development in years. The kids are more comfortable with us as we already have relationships developed over the years. We are giving to these families automatically the special prices, and we are giving away the coupons to the members of their families or friends. We love to see the printed results of our work and we do print on the different sizes and types of paper and can design the variety quality photo albums that we print in Italy.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to switch “of” the time machine with your family, have fun and at the same time to create lifetime memories, that will proudly share with your generations, will become priceless heirlooms for your family. Book Our Team Now!

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