You may want to consider taking an intimate couple boudoir photo shoot as a real couple or as models for commercial and promotion purposes. At GSR, we offer quality intimate couples boudoir photography poses services. An intimate couple’s boudoir photography shoot will bring more confidence and passion to your relationship or marriage and you will learn to appreciate each other more. It is also what you need as fresh couples who want to treasure each memorable time that you share. That, naturally sensual, sexy or erotic pose you strike at our photo shoot studio may produce a photo that you may need so much when you are miles away from your partner to keep that relationship alive. It may be among the most memorable photos of your youthfulness while you are about 80 years old. It may also be what you need to kick start a successful career as a model.

So when is it a perfect time to consider an intimate couple boudoir photo shoot? Any time is a good time to visit GSR studio for a photo shoot but then you should make sure that both of you are willing to do it and you comfortable. The photo session will be more fun, sensual and natural when you come with an open mind ready to get lose and strike those poses. Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried about how you look, what to wear and how to pose because that is the work of our photography crew. They will ensure that your lingerie choice is perfectly blended with your skin complexion and both of you have the right amount of makeup and accessories to complement your theme which may range from wedding, love, lust or passion.

GSR photo studio is well known for producing original and real professional photos in Toronto. The intimate couple boudoir photos can be taken inside our studio or in a romantic private setting such as a hotel room, your bedroom or daringly in a bathroom. However, the choice of a convenient photo shoot location will depend on your preference as a couple. The poses have to convey a message of passion, love, intimacy or romance. But then, you have the freedom to choose what will work best for you as a couple. The photographer will therefore give instructions on a friendly tone to encourage body relaxation and boldness which will help you as a couple strike more poses. The photographer will keep talking to you as they take the photos in different angles to capture different expressions, emotions and poses.

The GSR photo studio have shown that the direction of light greatly affects the overall quality of your photos and that is why we have invested greatly in ensuring that the lighting in our studio is just perfect for your photo shoot. The final result of your photo shoot does depend entirely on the direction of the light.

Intimate couple’s boudoir photography poses may be anything from very intimate poses where the couples may be required to pose so close to each other. In addition to that, you may also strike a steamy or a sexy and classy pose with your partner. If you are interested in simple romantic photo, then you can tone down the poses and opt for angles that illuminate your bodies in a sexy but romantic way as an expression of love.

The quality of photos you produce will depend on how good the photography team is doing their work. GSR studio ensures that it produces undeniably high quality photos by making sure the studio is properly lit and the right amount of light is illuminated for the occasion. That is why they will encourage you to be relaxed so that you are able to give poses that are more natural as opposed to imposed poses.

Most people will feel confident taking nude or semi-nude photos that are sexy but decent.GSR studio is very professional and like to preserve the dignity and image of it clients. Therefore, we make sure that, the intimate couples boudiour photos produced are very attractive, sensual eye appealing, sexy but decent. You may decide to hang your photos in your bedroom because they are not inappropriate and they can also be used for commercial purposes without offending the public.

It is therefore the right time for you as couples to take your relationship or marriage to a higher level by spicing your life. Make that difference you have been yearning for in your relationship by trying out the intimate couple’s boudoir photography at GSR photo studio.