Why do we need to use the High Sync Speed  (HSS) technique in the wedding photography business? Actually you don’t! Most of the wedding photographers don’t even have any idea what HSS means…

Theoretically every standard flash have maximum shutter speed limit and usually this value is around 1/160 -1/250 sec and depends on the manufacturer of the flash.

We don’t want to discuss the very well known and a little borrowing technical aspects of HSS. You can find a lot of the info about this subject on the web :just search for HSS.

Practically HSS unlocks the limits of  the camera/flash system and giving the gateway to your creativity.  You can create the priceless pictures practically on any light situations: indoors ,outdoors etc. By increasing the shutter speed from the standard value to 1/4000 sec we still can use the max aperture of the lens (2.8 or lower) even in the sunny day and to get an excellent subject/background separation (the background will be unfocused).

There are endless opportunities for HSS technique for wedding photographer in the indoors situations like the first wedding dance with a lot of smoke around the couple. The standard flash simply can’t create the good quality picture at this situation and most of the photographers are using on or off  camera light. The results with HSS techniques are simple outstanding and depends only on the skills and creativity of the photographer.