Headshots Professional Studio In Vaughan!

Thank you for considering our studio for capturing your headshots. GSR Studio Inc located in the heart of Vaughan. We do serve, Maple, Concord, Toronto and  GTA area. Our team loves to create the portraits. GSR Studio Inc established in 2005. Ten years we were focusing on portrait photography and created thousands of pictures. We captured headshots of famous artists, business owners, and realtors. We like to work with new models, kids, and babies. The dating headshots, Facebook, Linkedin are our daily routine. The reviews of our work are available HERE.

Why our team? We love to meet new customers! We respect our clients! Our experienced team understands your needs. GSR knows how to create unique portraits. It is not only about photography. The communication is a keyword. The mood, trust, character, emotions of the person are the goal of our work. We develop the relationships from the first look. It helps us to create priceless headshots. The warm up time is a must. This is the perfect time for warm up. When we do establish the relationship with the customer. We play different games. We ask funny questions. We are looking for the reaction. You can take a look at your images instantaneously. It helps a lot. The client sees professional work from the first step. We are sharing our energy with the customers. The customer exited and the energy reflected in the images. 

The focus of our business is headshots for actors, managers, businessman or businesswoman. The real estate agents are our consistent customers. Every type of the headshot is unique. We have to match the backdrop to the color skins and matching with clothes make our work challenging. We love challenges in branding headshots, headshots for entertainment. It looks like that we have to use the knowledge of socializing, psychology. It is interesting that some customers do prefer to book an appointment by phone. Some clients do prefer book our service via email. The new generation it is all about chatting. We are using all possible way of communication. Corporate headshots are challenging as well. We have to establish a contact with the customer very fast. Our goal is to create the art. We do editing of all the images. The additional retouching is complimentary for a couple of your favorites pictures.

Actor’s headshots are very creative. We love to challenge our customers to play on different fly roles. Your role is: I won the lottery. I just got married. I stopped by police. It is freezing around. These games help to capture real emotions. Every actor or actress is different. The certain roles are applicable and some not to the models. 

Real Estate headshots are a different story. The realtor would like to look sharp, successful, and gallant and the goal is to magnetize the customer just from the first look. The role of the broker during the photo shoot is not simple at all. We are helping to realtors to create the wow look. We ask the questions. Do you want to sell 2,000,000 $ house this month? Do you want to be successful?   You just sold one million dollar house. Congratulation with your achievement!  The realtors like to play these games. The experienced dealers do play the roles more effective in compare to newcomers. Experience makes a huge difference in any field. 

We estimate the best positions, best looks, best angles based on our experience.

Click HERE to get access to our online booking system and price list. We are charging per time that you are posing in front of our cameras. Our latest work is available for preview on Google Plus page.

Are you looking for the professional headshots studio? Do you want to be proud of your images? Want to attract more customers? Want to find the partner of your life?

Book our team: 905-417-2211!  We will be happy to create your unique portrait!