Why are we exploring Head Shots  topic?

The portrait photography is our preferable type of photography. We don’t have secrets of creating Amazing head shots portraits. Our studio has the consistent demand for portrait photography. All our specialties are relevant to headshots. Newborn photography, bride and groom photography, family photography, kids and baby photography are all about portrait photography. Headshots photographer is not just a person who is pointing the professional camera directly to your head. The professional headshot photographer is power bank with a lot of energy and experience. We don’t know who is the customer . We don’t know the personality of the great person that is smiling in front of our camera. The positive energy, attitude is leading to great results. Our headshot photographer has to know a little bit the person. He has to understand what is the message that has to be delivered by the image. The process of initial energetic charging of the customer takes a couple of minutes. We have to recharge our energy almost after each professional headshots photo shoot. It is interesting how open become the customers when photographer reach in to their brain.  It looks like we are getting in to Philosophy field. It is correct. The experienced headshots of portrait photographer have to read the minds first! We love our work and we explore different minds in every photoshoot. The process of creativity combined with exploring the minds is unique.  This process makes every studio photoshoot unforgettable!

 Professional Headshots.

Our customers are looking for professionally taken headshots. Almost every day we are getting a call with the question: Can I get just one headshot? I don’t like how I look on  the pictures. I am not comfortable in front of the camera. I have my look on the pictures. Can we just get one shoot and that is it?  We can continue with a lot of this kind of customers comments.  The process of the establishing of first impression takes about 5-10 minutes.

We offer a glass of wine, we talk about the goal of the photography . Different people need different “wake up” time.

The fist ” shake” comes from  the firs portrait that the customers see on the big Apple screen. It is not me! I never looked so beautiful, I am in love with this look.  The first impression is very important. The process of creating of the  rest of the images is just a time. We create different types of the lighting. The different backdrops combined with unique light help to create the mood of the images.

Actor headshots or Acting headshots.

This type of photography is our preferable one. Our studio looks like a big theater , where the customer is the actor. We write the story on fly and the actors just following the scripts. The process looks the same as the process creating of the movie: it is combination of close-up,medium shot and long  one .Some agencies posted a headshots guide for stage actors.They say that professionally taken headshot is the mirror of your soul. The headshot marks you as being ” one of the crowd”. I like the impression: ” You can’t show up in all places , but your professional portrait can. They do recommend to attach the great  image to the resume. It will help you as an artist to get a new positions and roles. It will help to producers to save they time as well. It is clear that outstanding headshot will make the first impression. The rest of the work is you with your skills and personality. There are two major looks on the market:” New-York Legit” and “L.A. style”. We will be getting in the details about the difference on our Actor headshots page.

Corporate headshots

Most of the photography studios specialize in Corporate headshots. This is a great opportunity for photographer to explore in very short frame time.Try to imagine that the company would like to create 150 images for they web site in one day. Do you think it is a challenge? Our goal is to create the quality portrait that is  unique and elegant.  We don’t have a time to talk to the person. It looks like money making machine! We are doing our best and we talk to each customer. We smile and share the energy with every one in the company. It is time consuming process and every one have to like the results of our work. We bring with us the Mac and showing the result of our work in real time. It help to achieve the customers satisfaction !We like when after a couple of hours of photo shoot people get together and create group pictures , just for a great memories! It shows that they enjoyed being photographed! The client satisfaction is very important. They talk about our work with an other employers and new client is open to share the “wow” look with open mind. This is very important factor in our work.  We will post all the images in the password protected gallery on our web and the customers will be able to share their individual images on the social media. Every single image will be retouched and ready to print. The corporate headshots Toronto business is growing and more studios involved in the competition. We love competitions !

Head silhouette

This is something relevant to artistic look of the face. We can create the artistic profile photo by playing with back-light.

This is all about  light and shadow game. These images looked more dramatic and we can hide some parts of the face and head . The demand for this type is images is common for artists.

Business headshots

This is our bread and butter. The prices for business headshots are available on the following page.

The photo shoot can take from 15 minutes to 1 Hour. We create different look with simple and complex lighting patterns.

The customer will receive all high resolution images on USB or by downloading via Cloud. All images will be professionally edited and ready to print. You can select a couple of images for extra retouching . This is complimentary from our studio.

Model headshots

The modeling headshots more relevant to Art and action photography. We created the  portraits for a newbie and experienced models. Our photographers love to be involved in the action game !

Celebrity headshots

Our team was taking celebrity portraits from the day of opening our business. We started with ballroom dancers stars.

The worldwide champions, national and local dance leaders enjoyed smiling in our studio or on location.

Recently we photographed a couple of famous singers and musicians . The celebrities are welcome to our studio!

Social media , dating and  LinkedIn headshot.

We are getting more and more requests regarding the photos for social media. It looks like that the customers do prefer the professionally take image. The cell phone photography is OK, but it is not the same as studio photography..

Why we call it art of headshots?

We call it as the art  and science of headshots . The photographer have to put all things together and to paint the picture by suing the light and shadow. He have to achieve the great relationships in very limited time to get  great looking image.This is something between art and science.The best headshots created based on this principle.

 Realtor headshots

Real estate is booming in Toronto area and more and more new and experienced realtors willing to invest in quality headshots. We know in advance what is the goal. The process of creation of trust look takes from 15 minutes to 1 Hr.

Headshot prices

We are offering different prices for headshots and real estate headshots. The online booking system developed for your convenience. You are always welcome to give as a call and to book the headshot time that is convenient for you.

Please give as a call if you have any questions: 905-417-22-11. We love to talk!