Nothing’s changed but we do have a brand new Toronto photography website that we are eager to show off. We have worked long and hard to redesign our existing digital platform and bring in some freshness and creativity – a step up from the old self. They say don’t fix it if it isn’t broke, but GSR Studio wanted our clients to experience the best that we have to offer through our website.

A New Look GSR Studio

One of the first things you will notice when you visit our new homepage is that we have improved the overall aesthetic and feel of the GSR Studio webpage. Earlier, we had tried to express our passion for photography through paragraphs and sentences. We then realized that since we deal with images that should be the focus of the GSR Studio homepage. The next thing we did was weed out the excess textual matter. This gave the website an uncluttered feel, enhancing the visual aspect which had been our aim all along. Our professional story is now told through striking visuals and supported by textual matter wherever necessary.

An Enhanced Experience

We have strived to improve the overall experience for people who visit our website. They could be clients who have worked with us, or they could be prospective customers who want to know more about us. In both cases, they will have an easier time browsing through the various pages.

Some of the new salient features we have adopted include:



  • A richer but faster web experience

The new website has incorporated images and videos to give visitors an immersive feel of our work. Although we have enhanced the visual content of the website, we have not compromised on the loading speed. In fact, the new website offers a faster browsing experience compared to the previous version. We understand that visitors may not have a lot of time to wait for a page to load and we have used that concern to speed up our homepage.


  • More streamlined

Getting rid of the excess textual matter has streamlined the website. This has resulted in visitors being able to easily navigate through the various web pages. They are also able to find what they looking for faster. For instance, if a visitor to the GSR Studio webpage would like to find our location, a map is displayed prominently on the Contact Us tab.

The Next Step

We may have a new face but we are still same old GSR Studio dedicated to passionately photographing the special moments. The new website represents the next step in our journey of providing top-of-the-line, quality services to our clients.

Hope to see you soon on the new GSR Studio website.