GSR Studio customers,

Thank you for your outstanding support over the last ten years! It has been a long journey and an exciting experience.

In the beginning, we were working with analog Video Cameras, after which we moved to High Definition Videos, and finally, we began working with DVDs in standard definition video format.

As we are always striving to be on top of all developments in the photography and videography world, and are always taking the interest of our customers into account, we have decided to keep stride with new technology and what it has to offer. We will now deliver your videos in real time with maximum possible quality (High Definition) and resolution.

We are proud to announce that starting at Extravaganza Montreal we will be delivering all videos in High Definition format in a fast USB 3.0, 16GB, high-quality memory stick. You will be amazed by the difference in the image, which will allow you to keep your memories in the highest possible quality. The videos could be directly viewed on any device that can read USB, and can be uploaded to any social media without any additional software. It is the time to say “Goodbye” to DVD’s, for good!

We have upgraded all of our video cameras and have designed a New System for Direct Recording to USB!

Please take advantage of our New Technology and book our services in advance.

The cost of our new High Definition Video is $23 per dance on USB. The USB will be ready for pick-up 10-15 minutes after your last heat.

We are looking forward to receiving your orders. The order could be placed online (CLICK HERE) or over the phone: 905-417-2211

GSR Studio Inc team