Fashion photography Toronto

is different in compare to another GSR Studio Inc specialties, But at the same time, it is a combination of the dance photography and studio photography skills. It is exactly what happened last week. We have been contacted by Yuliya Zavadskaja, the owner of Muse by Yuliya. Yuliya is a professional dancer and at the same time professional costume designer, hair and makeup artist with a lot of years of successful experience in the Canadian market.

Yuliya was interesting to create the unique and elegant look of the dance costumes, accessories in motion. She selected one of the talented Canadian Amateurs dancers: Morgana Lakatos-HaywardThis was a great experience in fashion photography Toronto, where we played with the light, enjoyed the real dance costumes show at our studio, lovely presented by Morgana. Fashion photography photos are a point of interest of marketing and this time wasn’t different. Yuliya will be using these photos for online, social media marketing.

The different colors and mood of the costumes are reflected in the pictures. The soul of the costumes has been created by Morgana, her personality, elegance, and emotions. The fashion photography photoshoot is like a photo marathon, where the photographer and the model have to create art every single second of a photo shoot. This time, photo marathon was very exciting, and we have enjoyed working with Yuliya and Morgana.

Yuliya as a professional dancer created the unique dance costumes based on her a lot of years successful dance experience. We loved these creations  with gorgeous accessories also set up by Muse by Yuliya. We have been capturing the dance costumes created by Yuliya at a different dance competition, and they are all time very impressive. The experience of working with couples in portrait photography helped to achieve the Wow Look. Morgana’s moved slowly and at the same time with the high level of energy that she kept during all fashion photography photo shoot, and we have been “ charged” as well by this energy as well. The dancers and everybody who is in love with dance and fashion photography is welcome to our studio for the creation of priceless memories.

Please contact our studio and book your fashion photography photoshoot. We would love to play with light and shadows, assist you with posting, discover your creativity and ability to create Art in any single frame of time. These pictures are created memories that will stay for generations in your family! Yulia will be happy to assist you with Hair, make-up and different styles of the costumes as well.