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Dance Photography is our cornerstone business. It was a lot of concerns before we have decided to specialize in dance photography as there are a lot of companies were trying to provide the professional services for dance competitions, and they have stopped to provide the service after a period due to financial issues.

Our first goal wasn’t business related as our sun Rony was started to participate in a dance competition, and we just wanted to create the sweet family memories. It wasn’t so easy as was expected. The lighting, motion, positions, distance to the dancing couple, the color of the dress made a huge impact on the final photo. A couple of years we were learning all these factors and defined the way to create the consistent results independent from almost all of factors mentioned above. The “almost” make a huge difference- our unique eye and unbeatable feeling of the dance routine. We have been trying to add to the team different professional photographers with a lot of years of experience, but no one was even close to the results that we are consistently delivering to our customers by our original team.

The knowledge of the camera, lighting are necessary, but there is something else that differentiate between GSR Studio Inc photos and the rest: we are in love with dance photography, and this make a huge difference.

Canadian Closed 2006 was the first dance competition where we have been selected as the professional team that has been provided our exclusive photography and videography services successfully. This year we are celebrating ten years of success. It was a long way of trial and error, but the primary goal is still the same: to provide quality service to the customers and to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

Today the product that GSR Studio Inc is consistently delivering to our VIP customers is different in compare to ten years ago. We have developed a unique style, look, and quality of the lighting. The photos captured by GSR Studio Inc have been consistently posted in International Dance Magazines, covers of Dance Beat, etc. The hundreds Canadian and International customers always are using our VIP photo and video services.

It is no question that dance photography is our stepping stone to success. Covering dance competitions have been our stairway to establishing a reputation of talent and creativity. Our professionalism has been awarded exclusive rights to cover the biggest Ontario and Quebec ballroom dance competitions. Our skills come to the fore with the vibrancy, energy, passion, and color that make dance what it is - a movement of pure joy. All that we do is train our cameras when we feel the moment is right to capture a final image of the performance.

Being in the business for more than decade we are still discovering newly uncovered parts of dance photography; we bring our knowledge of studio photography, events photography to dance, and this helps to find new angles, positions, lighting patterns. We love changes and challenges! Every dance competition that we are covering is different, and the face of the dance competitions is changing from year to year. The style, emotions, colors, movement, and personality, defines today the base of dance photography where we are the leaders in Canadian and North American market.

Online ordering for the 2016 Starlight Dancesport is now closed!

Please place your orders at our booth.

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