As wedding photographers in Toronto we have been selected by Matthew and Brittney to capture their creative wedding proposal (creative proposal photography). Matthew called us a couple of times make sure that he is going to get the best engagement pictures with studio photography lighting.

It was a rainy weekend in Toronto and the rain didn’t stop to the last minute when we have park our car fully loaded with studio lighting equipment and top of the line Canon DSLR’s. We loved Mathew smile from the first moment of our meeting and he was a little bit nervous. We have tried to do our best to create a very friendly atmosphere. Matthew was aware that he has selected the best photographers in Toronto with a lot of years of experience in photography. Mathew selected a beautiful spot on the rooftop of their big building in downtown of Toronto with a gorgeous look of Lake Ontario.

As a wedding photographer in the GTA you have to be prepared to everything as the weather and light can change every minute. This time wasn’t an exception. The lenses of our cameras have been immediately covered by water drops as result of the difference in the temperature and huge level of humidity after rain. When we opened the camera bags. What a surprise? We have been drying and cleaning the lenses at the moment of our introduction to gorgeous Brittney. She wasn’t aware about the proposal!

We have discussed the action plan with Matthew, after a couple of minutes of lenses cleaning and drying we have started to work. Toronto wedding photographers have to be aware about possible weather challenges, and as wedding photographers in the GTA we were ready to this kind of situation. Toronto wedding photography is not different in compare to other locations, but the people make a huge difference.

They are coming from different places and this is challenging to every Toronto wedding photographer. Matthew started to talk and at some moment he picked up the box with the ring. There was lots of love in the air and we have captured all these priceless moments. Brittney started to cry and covered her face with her hands. Matthew and Brittney have been together for 8 years and she didn’t expected this moment today.

They actually forget about our presence for a couple of minutes only after a while they figured out that we still around. We are so proud that they have selected GSR Studio Inc. to capture their proposal. By the end of Photography photo shoot we gave to the couple a Gift Certificate as an appreciation of their business. We are looking forward to be part of their wedding day as well.