Wedding photography in Toronto’s Majestic Castle

Casaloma is different in compare to any other locations. Casaloma is a special historical place with a lot of gorgeous fashion style architectural attractions for photographer. Such as the main floor, second floor, third floor , lower level grounds and the gardens are unique and every level has the different attractions for wedding photography to create wedding pictures at Casaloma.

Casaloma wedding pictures attracts the eyes of the couple of generations starting from beginning of 19th century. The light, romantic architectural style (architect E.J. Lennox) attracts about 350,000 visitors a year to create priceless wedding photography pictures at such a prestigious atmosphere.

Casaloma is not just the premiere attraction of Toronto. Casaloma is top class event place, that attracts a lot of engaged couples to create their gorgeous family memories for generations. At this time of the year, where outside is very windy we have provided our professional wedding photography services at the Conservatory Hall. The Italian Marble styled flooring, the huge windows with lots of natural light, small waterfall and a magical atmosphere with Classical music in the background makes the ceremony a very special and emotional one. There were about fifty relatives and friends, after the ceremony we have gathered all the guest to create their family wedding pictures.

Once we finished taking pictures with family and friends we have moved with the wedding couple to the famous library where the herringbone oak floor pattern, big columns, tungsten lighting (On the ceiling is Sir Pellatt Coat of Arms) from old fashion textures, big elliptical windows and a huge space for visitors. This place is usually closed for photography, but this time the management allowed us to take a couple of wedding photos and they even stopped the access to the public while we were in the room. It helped us to focus on creative part of photography and to use natural and artificial lighting to attract the look of the pictures. It is a challenging place for photography with a lot of glass and mirrors on the walls. The regular lighting tools like on camera flash will not be working great at this conditions. That is why the power of our studio expertize gives an advantage to create art family pictures. We have been using Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 studio quality strobes and it helped to create the wedding photos fast and creative.

Please contact GSR Studio Inc and to book our professional wedding photography services and we will create the priceless wedding photography pictures at Casaloma.