We love to capture the most beautiful pictures in the month of October with a lot of crinkly leaves.

The Fall is almost there and after a busy wedding season we love to change the mood of our photography. We are gearing up for another busy Fall season in Toronto area.

The Autumn is all about the color, texture, beautiful leaves smell, where the foliage is unforgettable.

Envision crunchy yellow and red leaves, golden glowing light, sun shining through the grass are adding unique character to the photos.

We can find a lot of excellent places in Toronto area where the natural landscape is just surrounded by new and historic architectural treasures.

Every family loves the Fall pictures and usually the pictures taken in the Fall are hanging on the wall or printed a the yearly family album.

Engaged couples love to be captured in fall, and a lot of our couples book the autumn engagement photography shoot in advance.

Moms and dads love Fall pictures as well as it is all about having fun with the kids and their pets. We like to take unposed photos taken from the side or a hidden tree, where the family is having fun, showing us real emotions and not silly pictures when you say “Cheese.”

We usually come with two photographers to capture the moments from different angles as it is all about the angle of vision. The different perspective creates a different look, and our customers love to get all these professionally edited photos taken by the two artists of GSR Studio Inc.

Please book your fall photography photo shoot and get your priceless family photography photos today.