Looking for Affordable Bar-Mitzvah Photography Rates in Vaughan?

Please see below the information relevant to Bar-Mitzvah Photography Rates.

1. How much you charge for Rehearsal? The Rehearsal takes about 2 Hour. We do charge $425 for Rehearsal.

2. How much you charge for Family Portraits? We do charge for family photos $250. It Takes about 1 Hour.

3. How much you charge for Ceremony? We do charge $450 for Ceremony. It takes Usually about 3 Hours.

4. Can you charge hourly for your work? Yes we can . Please visit our Bar-Mitzvah photography page.

5. What about Bar-Mitzvah albums? Please visit our Bar-Mitzvah albums page.

6. How much you are charging for prints? We do charge the following rates for prints printed in professional laboratory

6×4″ – $10

7×5″ – $10

8×10″ – $20

16×20″ – $50

16×24″ – $60

30×20″ – $85

36×24″ – $120

7. Can you print on canvas? Yes we can. Please see below the prices for canvas.

16×24″ – $150

30×20″ – $190

36×24″ – $220

8. Can you deliver print in Acrylic? Yes we can. The Acrylic prints are available is different sizes.

6×4″ – $95

7×5″ – $105

8×10″ – $195

9. Can you print custom size ? Yes we can print on any size of the paper.

10. What paper is available for prints? We do print on Matte, Glossy, Semi glossy, Luster paper.

11. What is your preferable paper type? We like Premium luster Archival paper.

12. Are you offering frames? We don’t offer frames. We can share the info about our partners.

13. Are you offering Free services? Yes we do offer Free services for Cancer  fighters families.

14. Are you editing all the images? Yes we do edit all the images.

15. What about extra retouching? We don’t charge extra for extra retouching.

16. How I can select the images for printing? The images available in our online store. Please add the images to your favorites and let us know.

17. What about the quality of the prints? We do print in the professional lab . All the images are color corrected. Our customers love the quality.

18.Where do you print? We do print on pro lab located in Vaughan.

19. Where I can see reviews of your work? The reviews are available on our Google page.

20. Tell me more about your photographer. Please visit the following page.

21. Can you print the albums? Yes we can. Please visit  our Bar-Mitzvah albums page.

22. Are you offering special packages? Yes we do. Please visit our Bar-Mitzvah packages page.

23. Where I can see more images? Please visit our portfolio page.