Are you looking for affordable Bar-Mitzvah Photography Prices in Vaughan ?

You are on the proper page. We do consider our service as a Mitzvah.

We are offering affordable Bar-Mitzvah photography prices.

We are charging only for the time .

Our standard rate is: $150-$200 per Hr.

Please see below questions and answers relevant to our price list.

  1. What comes in this rate? We include all highest possible resolution edited and ready to print  images on USB.
  2. Tell us about  the resolution of the images? The resolution of the images is 300 DPI.
  3. Do you charge extra for RAW files? We don’t charge extra for RAW files.
  4. Are you editing  all the digital images? We edit all digital images as a standard.
  5. Can you extra edit a couple of images? Yes we can. Please select the images and send us the name of the images. Please send the clear instructions relevant to extra editing as well.
  6. Are you including any prints in the prices? The prints are available for ordering. Please click on the following page.
  7. Can you print the album for us? Yes we can. Please visit our album page.
  8. How fast the photos will be available? The photos will be available in couple of days after event.
  9. Can you deliver all the photos electronically? Yes we can. We can use drop box or Google drive services.
  10. How many photographers are included in the price? Our standard team is two photographers.
  11. Do I need two photographers? Yes you do. You will love the images taken from different angles with different lenses.
  12. Can you share with us the reviews from your customers? Please visit our review page.
  13. Do you accept Visa or debit? Yes we do accept all credit and debit cards .
  14. How many pictures you are capturing during event? Our standard rate is about 200-300 images per Hr.
  15. Do you shoot with digital camera? Yes we are using top of the line Canon cameras?
  16. Are you focusing on posed photos only? No we love to combine the posed and naturally taken photos.
  17. Do we have to pay in advance? You don’t have to pay in advance. We are asking for small retainer.
  18. When do I have to pay the retainer? We do accept retainer at the day of booking our service.
  19. Can I get the photography rates? Yes you can . Please visit our photography rates page.
  20. What about  RAW files? Yes you can RAW files at not extra charge.
  21. Where is your studio located? Our studio located in Vaughan, 41 Asner Ave
  22. Where can I get more info about your photography services? Please visit the following page.
  23. Cab I get the link to your portfolio? The link  to portfolio  is following.