Looking for experienced Bar-Mitzvah photographer Near Me in Vaughan?

You are on the right page! GSR Studio Inc providing Bar-Mitzvah photo services for last ten years in Vaughan area. Please give us a call, and we will be happy to capture the priceless moments.

Please see below the frequently asked questions.

  1. How much you charge for your services? We charge $150 – $200 /Hr for one photographer and assistant.
  2. What is included in all packages? We include all high resolution, edited, ready to print images on USB.
  3. Can you print our images? Yes, we can print the images. Please see the prices on the price page.
  4. What parts of Bar-Mitzvah are Important to cover? The Rehearsal, the Ceremony, the family portraits in Synagogue or before the party, the party and all small details are important parts of Bar Mitzvah?
  5. Would you be able to provide FREE photography service? We do provide Free photo studio service for cancer survivors families.
  6. Do you have a price list? Please visit our price list page?
  7. Are you offering different packages? Please visit our package page.
  8. Can you print albums? Please visit our albums page.
  9. What included in Rehearsal and Ceremony package? The package includes the photos with Torah, guests, family and portrait photos.
  10. Do you recommend taking the photos of Rehearsal? Yes, we do. These photos are very important. These photos are different in compare to Ceremony.
  11. What photos included in the Party package? The party package includes portraits, family, friends, speeches, action, and all small details photos.
  12. How fast can we get the photos? The photos are available for pick-up max in 2-3 days after the event.
  13. Can I see the photos online? Yes, we can post the photos on our web.
  14. How long can you keep the photos on the web? We keep the photos three months on our web.
  15. Are you protecting our privacy? Yes, we do. The photo gallery on our web is password protected.
  16. Do you have a studio? Yes, we do have a studio.The studio located in Vaughan: 41 Asner Ave.
  17. Can you create the studio quality photos on location? Yes, we can. We use studio strobes on all occasions.
  18. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept credit and debit cards?
  19. Where can we see the reviews of your customers? Please visit our review page.
  20. Can you take a couple of our photos outdoors after the ceremony? Yes, we can.
  21. How many pictures included in the packages? You will receive all images that we created.
  22. Where can I see more images? Please visit our Bar-Mitzvah page or our portfolio page.
  23. How many pictures do you take an hour? Some images depend on the amount of hours of our work. We create about 200-300 images per hour.