Are you looking for quality Bar-Mitzvah Albums in Vaughan?

Please see below the information relevant to Bar-Mitzvah Albums.

  1. Can you print the album from the pictures taken by an other photographer? Yes we can. It might be an extra retouching required.Please contact us for details
  2. The albums are available in square, portrait and landscape shapes.
  3. What shapes of the albums are available?
  4. Haw many spreads in the album? The average album contents :15-25 spreads.
  5. Do we have to order the album in advance? You don’t have to order the album in advance.
  6. What types of albums are available ? We do offer Lay-Flat, Standard, Book, Flush-Mounted albums, Press Printed books and Italian quality albums.
  7. Are you offering soft cover books? Yes we are offering soft cover books.
  8. Can we get proof book? Yes you can.
  9. How Lay-Flat Album looks? The album comes with printed pages. The album doesn’t have central gutter down the middle. The pages of the album firm and flexible. The cover is available in the different materials like lather, linen, silk or just a photo. The price for Lay-Flat album starts at $650 for 12×12 album with 12 spreads. The extra spread costs $20.
  10. What about Flush mounted albums? The albums are available in linen, silk or leather cover. The photos are printed on finest possible quality of the archival photographic paper. The price for the albums starts from starts $750 for 12×12 album with 12 spreads. The extra spread costs $20.
  11. Please tell us more about Press –Printed books. Press printed books comes with thin flexible pages (magazine style). This is economical way to keep your memories. The press book could be used for guests wishes during the event.
  12. What is your personal preference for Bar-Mitzvah Albums? Our client and our preference for Bar-Mitzvah albums is Italian quality albums.
  13. How fast can we get the album? The graphic design of the album takes about 3-5 working days. The print and delivery time takes about 3-4 weeks. The albums are printed in Italy.
  14. Where we can pick-up the album. You can pick-up the album at our studio located at 41 Asner Ave.
  15. Where I can more info about your services? Please visit our Bar-Mitzvah photography page.
  16. Do you print small prints. Yes we do. Please visit the following page for more info.
  17. Are you offering special packages? Yes we do. Please visit our packages page.