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Baby Portrait Photography

We love baby photography with the love of grandma, grandpa, and uncle. Out two grandkids love to play in front of our cameras, and they like to watch the photos captured on the fly with Ninja style photography!

Our journey began when we were playing with toy cameras a while ago. It is not over yet! We are still playing with the toy camera consistently demonstrating the excellence to our customers, who are looking for unique, timeless and priceless memories and taking care about the quality legacy to leave. I was not kidding about the toy camera as we still fill like kids! It is fun to switch “on” time machine and get back to the date of hope.

We love to play the games, to enjoy the moment being as a kid in the process of creating priceless memories for newborns (5-14 days old), babies ( up to 12-month-old), toddlers (1-3 years old), kids (3 age and older). Being a child helps to create the “wow” moment where the babies are not looking to the camera and just having a bit of fun , looking to the parents, trying to reach the small ball rolling on the floor, reacting to some noise in the room …

It is not about the pose it is a real action photography, where we are specializing last ten years.

It is about the relaxing atmosphere, where the photographer should be almost invisible!

GSR Team loves baby portraiture. Who wouldn’t right?

Baby portraiture is something very special about baby photography; it is emotional, relaxing, magic, exciting, funny, all the time different… These fillings help us to create lasting and gorgeous memories.

Our studio is offering modern baby photography service for a decade in Toronto area. We love to create unique, contemporary, stunning, stylish images of babies in our studio, on location or at your home where we can create fresh and pure pictures and the children will fill very comfortable.

Our team offers contemporary pictures of children with a full range of props and hand-made old masters school backdrops with unique textures that we are manufacture for special occasions. Interested in modern Toronto baby photography? Let GSR Studio Inc capture your prenatal images and create the priceless stamps for your family. We have dedicated many hours to scouting gorgeous outdoor portrait locations throughout Maple, Vaughan, Markham, Toronto areas for babies photography photoshoot.

The love the beauty of the outdoor baby photography, where we can easily hide a side of the garden, playground and to shoot with the telescopic lens! This technique helps to create a unique not fake look, where we are not looking for the response on “ Cheers” . The colors of the flowers, sky, reflection in the water helps to create a unique look of babies photography pictures.

At GSR Studio Inc, we offer clients luxurious, state-of-the-art, custom photography products: Framed Archival prints, finest quality hand-stretched canvas wraps, Italian quality albums, etc

The gift certificates that are available in our studio could be an excellent gift to any family!

All our clients are automatically enrolled in a lifetime membership program, and taking advantage of the special prices for their families!

Please contact us and we will be happy to create the priceless memories for your family. Book Us Now!

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