2016 Danse Sport Montreal is superior top level terrific dance competition organized by Pierre Allaire and Mireille Veilleux.

Danse Sport Montreal is one of the biggest Ballroom Dance competitions in Canada.

Year after year the competition is getting bigger and bigger attracting the top Canadian and USA couples on all levels: Amateurs, Professional, and Pro-AM. This year it was a three days completion and first two days we have been working from 7-00 AM till midnight. It was a lot of working hours, but we have enjoyed every minute being there. Pierre and Mireille assisted us with all our request and the atmosphere and energy the competition was incredible. This time, a lot of customers booked our photo and video services in advance that helped us to be prepared ahead of the competition.

It was our pleasure to see back to dancing Rosann Bonotto with Alain Doucet, demonstrating the love of dance and strength of character.

The show of Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova was incredible. It was our first time when we have enjoyed Neil and Ekaterina dancing.  It was a top world level show where Neil and Ekaterina were demonstrating outstanding performances. They definitely will be back, and we will be happy to see their shows again.

As usual Montreal Danse Sport attracted a lot of vendors, and they were busy all three days of the competition. It was our eighth year of our services for Montreal Dancesport! Next year we are planning to add to our services the studio on location photography, where we will be printing pictures on the spot. We are planning to increase the product offering as well. We will be able to deliver on spot USB with your dances instead of DVD. The videos with incredible quality 4K will be available as well. Today technology in the area of the photo and video is growing very fast, and our customers will enjoy the latest achievements in this industry.

The pictures of the completion have been posted and available for ordering. Please click: HERE to get access to your photos.

The pictures of the customers who reserved our services in advance are available in VIP gallery.

Thank you very much for your outstanding support and we are looking forward to your orders.

Our next competition is Extravaganza! We love to provide our services in Montreal!